Many people are not sure of how to start a sales pitch. It is not always a scripted, straightforward event. A pitch that is expected to take only 10 minutes could take half an hour to complete. The practice of selling products and services has evolved significantly with the addition of the Internet and other technologies. The following are several suggestions to start a good sales pitch.

Research each client

Do not assume that every sales customer is the same. Research the basic information, such as a company’s owners, products, services and types of clients. Not every similar person or company with a similar background needs the same products or services.

Begin with the problem

Every client faces one or two very big problems. The problem may be a lack of funding or a shrinking clientele. Always start by learning the problem that each person has and describe how a certain product is the right solution.

Project a vision of the future

Society can undergo many dramatic changes in a short period of time. Thirty years ago, companies did not use social media marketing services, and now nearly every company needs them. It’s important to predict the client’s future and how they must prepare for the big changes in the upcoming years. For example, a salesperson who sells information technology services to schools has to explain the growing use and importance of technology in that particular industry.

Share personal experiences

Consumers prefer salespeople who are able to relate to their customers and include personal experiences in their sales pitches. An example is to mention that a similar product or service has been purchased and how much it has helped. A salesperson may explain the unique, personal experiences of other customers who have bought the same products or services.

Mastering sales pitches is a skill on its own. The ways that buyers respond to sales pitches has evolved since the advancement of the Internet. Nowadays, they have shorter attention spans and require images and videos to get them interested. A seller’s success depends on the ability to deliver the right pitch to a prospective client.