A wedding is arguably one of the most memorable days of one’s life. With all the planning and money that goes into making this day noteworthy, couples should expect to make their grand exit from the venue feeling confident with all the choices they made that led up to the big event. One of the most significant “make it or break it” choices you will have to make for your wedding is where it will be located. 

For years, many have been flocking to Hawaii to take advantage of its picturesque scenery and honeymoon island vibes. If you would like to get hitched in a honeymoon destination, continue reading to discover the most sought-after wedding venues in Hawaii.

Punakea Palms, Maui
Maui is known for its luscious mountains and chill surf vibes. Punakea Palms encompasses the best of Maui’s charm, as it is located on a coconut farm surrounded by coconut trees and set with the backdrop of the island’s stunning mountaintops. This hidden gem includes a paved dancefloor for your reception, a brick bar area, a fire pit and a bridal suite fit for a queen. As you seek to escape the more congested or touristy areas of the island, Punakea Palms exists as a hidden-away slice of paradise for your intimate wedding party.

Sunshower Farms, Island of Hawaii
Located in Hualalai, Hawaii, the Sunshower Farms wedding venue is a tucked-away locale offering a variety of wedding packages that fit couples ranging from budget-conscious to splurging. This venue allows couples to be married in front of towering banana leaves, a wedding photographer’s dream background. In addition to hosting weddings, Sunshower Farms is also a thriving coffee farm with unforgettable views of the ocean. Enjoy strolling through the coffee fields for your photographs and dining on farm-to-table cuisine throughout your reception.

Haiku Gardens, Oahu
Oahu draws millions of visitors to its island each year, wedding parties making up a noteworthy percentage of that number. Aside from the countless hotel venues, there are various other locations tucked away in Oahu’s natural serene settings, away from the hustle and bustle of downtown Waikiki. Haiku Gardens is one of these sites that is set within the tropical ambiance of the island. These gardens allow couples to choose between saying “I do” in a botanical garden, inside an open-air chapel, or in a white gazebo that overlooks the pond. The couple and their guests will seamlessly transition from their charming ceremony to a reception accompanied by food from Haleiwa Joe’s Seafood Grill.